May 2007 Offering Of The Month:
"In Memoriam"
Written by Rev. James Martin and Edward Jerlin
© 2007 Everlasting Arms Records & Publishing - All Rights Reserved

"In Memoriam" is dedicated to all who have given their lives in service to our country.

The church I grew up in that Jim was pastor of (Immanuel Union Church) has a somber flag-raising ceremony in front of the church on the Sunday before Memorial Day every year, organized by the Boy Scout Troop (Troop #2) that meets there. One year, there was a short ode of rememberance and encouragement printed on the back of the ceremony's bulletin/program. It was written by Jim, and dedicated to the Veterans who have passed on:

No walls can hide, no power dim -
the memory of our departed kin;
who now and evermore you'll find,
are remembered - -
in our hearts,
our prayers,
and in our minds.

And still, we pledge our selves to be,
sons and daughters of that living legacy,
a legion, in watch,
that all might remain free,
"In Memoriam" for all the world to see.

Old Glory

I was very moved and inspired by it and decided to keep the program in case I could ever set it to music. A few years later, I finally did, much to Jim's surprise. I have tried to write a string arrangement and/or various kinds of musical ornamentation, but have decided for now that the piano and voice are really all this intimate song requires.

This song is slated to be part of the "Strands of Life Suite" CD.