Songs From The Father CD

Songs From The Father
This Is The Day 2:52
Children Of Tomorrow 2:59
Sing Hallelujah 4:23
Pray For The Children 4:59
Hunger 2:35
I Love You More 2:26
Beyond Thorns 2:43
Rising From The Ashes 4:38
Rocky Cross 4:53
Resurrection Day 3:30
Weep Not For The Child 3:06
Lamb Of God 3:20
Giving Tree 1:49
I'm A Light 7:00
For All The Love 3:30
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Everlasting Arms' 3rd CD
"Songs From The Father".

As with our 2nd CD "On Broken Wings...", our 3rd CD is a posthumous release, coming nearly five years after Pastor Jim's passing.

Throughout the many years of our long-distance musical partnership, Jim and I (Edward) continued to write music both collaboratively and individually. With the development of high-speed internet and the ease with which we could communicate and share ideas from a distance, we had recently recommitted to recording the backlog of songs we had accumulated. During the process of choosing which songs to record, I suggested that many of the songs Jim and Meredith had shared with the congregations they served over the years deserved a wider audience, though the music did not fit the "progressive rock" paradigm of the group.

Rather than try to mesh our musical styles, as has been done with our other CDs, we decided to set this project aside for Jim's songs, with me acting more as a facilitator than a collaborator -- though of course, my musical sensibilities inevitably come across in the accompaniments.

After auditioning a plethora of material, Jim chose the songs he wished to include, with some input from Meredith and me. After I suggested calling it "Songs From The Heart", Jim named it "Songs From The Father", while sharing his vision for it in a series of letters to me. Because of the distance, we began simultaneously recording the music for three CD projects, making the most of each recording session.

Jim was then unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer in September 2008, succumbing in December after a three-month battle. Thankfully, Jim's vocals were already completed before his illness, so there is no hint of any "melancholy" in any of his vocal performances.

We honestly feel that these songs were meant to be preserved and heard, and that God has a purpose for them, otherwise the recordings wouldn't exist. And while this is a posthumous release, it is not a "memorial" -- rather it is simply a completion of what we would have done anyway to the Glory of God, had Jim lived.

Jim's "vision" for "Songs From The Father":

A worshipful, Testament to the core values
of our Christian Faith, and the personal
relationship between Jesus and the Father.

An album where the Holy Spirit lives in
every Word, and directs every moment.

A fresh look at themes that we grew up with,
but can never grow away from.

Completing "Songs From The Father" has been a labor of love. It is also extra time we've been able to spend with Jim, for which we are thankful. We hope that these songs uplift those who hear them and that they will glorify God as Jim wanted them to.

Snow Geese