Everlasting Arms' Debut CD

The Saving Light 2:41
Transfigured 3:35
The Love He Brings 5:06
He Is Risen 7:49
For Christ That Day 5:11
O Spirit Come 3:18
America 3:13
Everlasting Arms 4:32
O Father God 5:00
In The Silence Of The Morning 3:18
Full Circle 5:02
Can't Stop The Music 7:00
Lo I Am With You, Always 3:49
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A unique collaboration, Everlasting Arms' debut CD introduced a style of music that has many influences from rock bands like The Beatles, to vocal groups like Simon and Garfunkel, and Peter, Paul, and Mary to progressive rock bands such as Yes, Genesis, ELP, Queen, and Kansas. As such, the album's tracks feature a variety of styles from power ballads to gentle delicate pieces to progressive rock epics, driven primarily by a multi-layered choir-like vocal sound, backed by a piano-driven accompaniment.

While the lyrics often use biblical themes to speak directly to Christians and to the church, many of the messages speak universally to the human condition, with words of encouragement, healing, exhortation and celebration in a broken world.